93) Bhatura (per pce)  A soft bread made from flour mixed with semolina and yoghurt 40,000 VND
94) Nan (Plain nan)  Refined flour bread  29,000 VND
95) Cheese Nan  Refined flour bread stuffed with cheese  70,000 VND
96) Garlic Nan  Refined bread with garlic 40,000 VND
97) Butter Nan  Refined bread wopped with butter 35,000 VND
98) Keema Nan Minced mutton stuffed into a Nan bread 100,000 VND
99) Kashmiri Nan Nan bread stuffed with cashewnut, dry fruits 60,000 VND
100) Masala Kulcha Potatoes & spices stuffed into a nan bread 45,000 VND
101) Aloo Paratha Potatoes stuffed into a Nan bread 50,000 VND
102) Laacha Paratha Tandoori Paratha 40,000 VND
103) Tawa Paratha Typical south Indian bread 45,000 VND
104) Tandoori Roti  Unleavened whole meal flour bread baked in Tandoor 25,000 VND
105) Tawa Roti (Chapathi) Unleavened whole wheat bread   25,000 VND
106) Roomali Roti  Unleavened whole wheat bread  50,000 VND
107) Butter Roti  Unleavened whole meal flour bread baked in Tandoor, top with butter 30,000 VND