South Indian (all items are served with chutney & sambar)

66) Halal Chicken Masala Dosa Dosa filled with minced chicken & spices 240,000 VND
67) Halal Mutton Masala Dosa
Dosa filled with minced mutton & spices 300,000 VND

Halal Chicken Curry (North Indian dished)

68) Chicken Mashuka Chicken cubes marinated & grilled in oven, served in a combination of creamy and Tomato gravy 150,000 VND
69) Chicken Sag Cubes of boneless chicken cooked in a thick spinach gravy 135,000 VND
70) Chicken Vindaloo Boneless Halal chicken cooked with black peppercorns potatoes, cloves in a spicy red gravy 135,000 VND
71) Chicken Korma Boneless halal chicken Pieces Cooked with dry fruits in cashewnut gravy 180,000 VND
72) Butter Chicken Grilled Halal Chicken cooked with tomato butter sauce 135,000 VND
73) Chicken Tikka Masala Marinated chicken cubes pre-roasted in tandoor oven & tossed into a masala sauce 135,000 VND
74) Chicken Jalfrezi Chicken cubes cooked with capsicum, onion, tomato in a spicy gravy 135,000 VND
75) Chicken Kohlapuri Cubes of halal  chicken in a thick spicy gravy with secret whole spices 135,000 VND
76) Egg Masala Whole boiled eggs cooked in a thick gravy 135,000 VND
77) Chicken Tawa Masala Boneless chicken cubes cooked with assortment of selected spices and severed sizzling 135,000 VND

Halal Mutton Curry (North Indian Dishes)

78) Rogan Josh An aromatic gourmet curry dish .A unique style of cooking and blend of the spices (spicy) 165,000 VND
79) Dhaba Mutton  Pieces of halal mutton cooked with brown onion,tomato in a thick spicy sauce(typical Dhaba style) 165,000 VND
80) Mutton Do Pyaza Mutton do pyaza dish is prepare in a onion based curry with a basic Indian spices 165,000 VND
81) Bhuna Mutton Grilled Autralian Halal lamb slice cooked with onion, capsicum & mint sauce 165,000 VND
82) Mutton Sahi Korma Mutton cooked in a  rick cashewnut based gravy 165,000 VND
83) Mutton Kohlapuri Boneless mutton pieces in a thick spicy gravy 165,000 VND
84) Keema matar Minced mutton & green peascooked with exotic spices 165,000 VND
85) Mutton Vindaloo Boneless mutton pieces cooked with potatoes, black peppercorns, cloves in a spicy red gravy 165,000 VND
86) Mutton Chettinad Halal mutton cubes cooked with coconut,mustard seed and curry leaves 165,000 VND


87) Fish Jhol Cubes of fish cooked in a  thin spicy sauce in Bebgali style 150,000 VND
88) Fish Tawa Masala Fish cubes cooked with assortment of selected spices & served sizzling 150,000 VND
89) Bengali Fish Fish cooked with ginger, galic, onion, tomato and freshly gound spices 150,000 VND


90)Jheenga butter masala Fresh prawns cubes with Tomato puri in a mild butter sauce 150,000 VND
91) Jheenga Rogani Fresh Prawn cubes cooked with brown onion and tomato sauce in Rogni style (Spicy) 150,000 VND
92) Jheenga Tawa Masala Fresh prawns cooked in with assortment of selected spices and served sizzling 150,000 VND