North Indian

41) Bombay Aloo Small potaoes cooked with onion in a special sauce 85,000 VND
42) Bhindi Piaza Fresh Okhara cooked in a thick grevy (not spicy) 85,000 VND
44) Pindi Ke Chole Chickpeas in a thick gravy 120,000 VND
45) Kadhai paneer Fried paneer cooked with onion,capsicum in kadhai (spicy) 120,000 VND
46) Aloo Gobi Mattar Dry Potatoes cooked with greenpeas & cauliflower 85,000 VND
47) Paneer Makhanwala Small pieces if paneer cooked with tomato sauce finished with makhan butter and cream (Less Spicy) 120,000 VND
48) Dam aloo Punjabi

Whole potato stuffed with cottage cheese and minced vegetables cooked in onion &tomato sauce

120,000 VND
49) Aloo palak Potato cooked in spinach curry with a mild sauce 85,000 VND
50) Paneer Bhurzi Chef's specian delicacy in semi dry 120,000 VND
51) Shahi Malai Kofta Grated cottage cheese, dry fruits & mashed potato made into ball & tossed in a rich creamy sauce 120,000 VND
52) Bhunao Baingan Pre-roasted aubergine chopped & coojed with spices 85,000 VND
53) Begare Baingan Eggplant pieces cooked with Yoghurt & spices in a mild gravy 85,000 VND
54) Bhindi Masala Okra fried & cooked with exotic spices 85,000 VND
55) Palak Kofta Mashed potato & grated cottage cheese made into balls & tossed in a rich spinach gravy 95,000 VND
56) Sabzi Kolhapuri  Mix vegetables and julion capsicum cooked with tomato and onion  60,000 VND
57) Navaratan Korma Vegetables prepared to our own reciep served in a mild crem with sause 120,000 VND
58) Babycorn Mushroom Masala Babycorn, mushroom cooked together in a rich gravy 120,000 VND

South Indian (all items are served with chutney & sambar)

59)Cheese Tomato Onion Uttappam Uttappam with cheese, tomato & onion filling 95,000 VND
60) Paper Masala Dosa Crispy Dosa with mashed potato cooked with spices 85,000 VND
61) Idli (2 pcs per serving) An oil free steamed savory made of rice & lentil batter 60,000 VND
62) Ghee Idly sambar Small whole idly soaked into sumptouous sambar & ghee 65,000 VND
63) Masala Dosa Filled with mashed potato cooked with spices 65,000 VND
64) Rava Dosa Dosa made out of semolina 65,000 VND
65) Tomato Onion Uttappam Uttappam with tomato & onion filling 90,000 VND